June 24, 2018

We would like to take this opportunity to give a BIG HUGE SHOUT OUT to everyone involved in seeing our Kidston Discovery Gardens, phase 1 officially come to life!!!   We are still completely overwhelmed and in awe of all the support we received.  And beaming ear to ear watching so many classrooms exploring and learning in the gardens.  

Our Kidston School families, friends and this community has come together to provide a true outdoor legacy.  Please see our Sponsor page for the massive list of all who generously made this a reality, there are truly so many local businesses who gifted us with in kind products and provincial and national organizations who kindly donated to our garden and continue to empower healthy outdoor learning and lifestyles.  And to all those who lifted, carried, sweated and woke up with sore backs and blistered hands the next day… we  THANK YOU ALL!!! 

Still to come this spring, will be the shed/teaching wall and seating area...

April 11, 2018

Rome may not have been built in a day but our Kidston Discovery Gardens are sure going to be!!!

It is really happening and we are so excited! 

Please join our



9am – 3:30pm

Kidston Elementary School. 

Everyone is welcome – kids, parents, grandparents, friends, neighbours, garden lovers, dirt lovers, everyone!

Please go to our sign-up sheet and let us know if you can join.  If the spaces are full, please come anyway!  Many hands make light work! Speaking of work, please bring your digging spirit and a favourite work tool to help move soil and build garden beds.

Be sure to pack yourself a hearty lunch and lots of water.  This is a rain or shine party so sunscreen or rain boots might be needed too. Grandma D and some students are going to have dessert covered which is sure to be a healthy energy boost. And we have been told we will even have some lunchtime entertainment from Kiki The Eco Elf, who is very excited to support our...

January 16, 2018

Hello and Happy New Year from all of us at Kidston Discovery Gardens.  As always we feel we have so much to share with you.  This is our year to see Kidston Discovery Gardens break ground and we are jumping up and down at the thought.  Our fundraising efforts last term were beyond what we could imagine from the huge success of Kidston Family Pub Night, extremely generous The Giving Tree donations, Grandma's D-licious Cookbook sales and THREE  'What's in a Name' garden bed names purchased!!   Another really super exciting piece is we were chosen as successful recipients to a Farm to School BC grant!!! Check out their website to see all the ways they are inspiring schools in our province.  We have been bursting with excitement at all this support.  We are feeling so very thankful to everyone who has contributed in some way and can not wait to start moving dirt this spring!

Also thrilling was the success of Grandma D's H...

October 15, 2017


Time flies when you're having fun!!! We aren't too sure how the past month and a bit has passed but it sure has been filled with so much garden excitement!  

As you may have heard we are VERY excited to start this new school year sharing that our Kidston Discovery Gardens is expected to break ground Spring 2018!!!  Please see our Donation and Volunteer pages to find ways you can help us grow these gardens. We are so thrilled to share that the first garden bed name has been purchased by one generous Kidston family!  We want to extend a HUGE thank you to all who have contributed in some way.   Every bit is so helpful!

This announcement sure started a buzz in the school and it began with the students very eager to harvest the variety of potatoes that were planted in the spring. These included fingerling, red, purple and russet!  I knew what was going to come next as they finished digging... when do we get to make fries?!?! And so it b...

June 21, 2017

As mentioned in my winter blog where I introduced the Kidston Garden to Plate program, my role with the program began last school year with the introduction of fresh, natural and delicious smoothies.  I am excited to report that these smoothies have continued throughout this whole school year with no sign of stopping.  Thank you to Ms. Nicole and the other volunteers for all their time helping me to ensure the Kidston students enjoyed this nutritious treat every Tuesday!  We had our final smoothie day this week.  Mrs. O'Brien's class generously harvested spinach from their garden beds to add.  We also had a special "Kidston kindness" promotion, 2 smoothies for the price of 1.  We encouraged students to share their extra smoothie with other students who may not have tried one yet.  I have a feeling next fall will bring even more customers!

Another fun surprise project I shared in my last blog was the famous Purple Pot...

June 21, 2017

"Every child is a different kind of flower, and together makes this world a beautiful garden".  

This sums up Mrs. MacDougall's kindergarten class.  With a mix of personalities in their young years they would come out in groups of three and help weed the front garden.  They took a garden from its winter state overgrown with weeds to something beautiful filled with marigolds and giant sunflowers.  They all came out, got dirty, worked hard and left with smiles on their faces!  They had so much pride and ownership by the time they were done.  It was so encouraging to help them and see their little personalities shine through!  

June 16, 2017

Stormy skies couldn't stop the enthusiasm of our gardeners for our last garden club of the school year! As the rain gave us a 'free pass' on watering, we spent most of our time tending to our gardens. Some weeding and a lot of sampling of lettuce and spinach was had by all.  

Grandma "Dawn" educated our gardeners about the importance of food for plants and introduced 'compost tea' to the group. A little smelly (Ok, a lot!), compost tea is brewed from compost material and water for a few days then strained off to make a nutrient rich solution to naturally fertilize plants.  The making of compost tea process pulls the compost matter micro-nutrients and trace minerals making it readily available for the plants. The students were so excited to give their growing plants a 'drink of tea'!   

We finished off our time and this school year's garden club with tasty watermelon for everyone!

Thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers, Ms. Beth and Ms. Amber wh...

June 9, 2017

Garden Club had the sun shining on us today!!! The children were so happy to head to the garden for a painting party on the grass.   Creative minds were flowing as the children used their artistic skills to make colourful garden markers for their classroom or home gardens.  They excitedly started naming all the veggies they needed to make markers for and ran back and forth from the garden beds to the painting spot trying to decide which plant name they would choose to paint.  As you can see by the finished products and joyful faces, their garden markers all added a beautiful element to the gardens!  Wonder what next week's final spring Kidston Garden Club has in store for these passionate gardeners...  Can't wait to see!

May 13, 2017

It has been an enthusiastic kick-off to the spring season for Kidston’s Garden Club!!  These kids are so much fun the way they charge into the garden room, ready to tackle anything and everything!  The first week consisted of planting a pea seed inside of an egg shell filled with a cotton ball and some potting soil.  The first seedlings were up within about 5 days which, somehow, never ceases to amaze!  The following week’s project was to then transplant the seedlings into a small paper pot to take home.  The children did a wonderful job painting and colouring their little pots and adding extra soil with the eggs.  I wonder where all of those peas will end up?  What an amazing bunch of green thumbs we have in Garden Club!

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