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Dr. Christine Perkins visits the Discovery Garden

A visit from School District 22 superintendent sparks interest in our garden program!

Our School District 22 superintendent, Dr. Christine Perkins, visited the Kidston Discovery Garden last spring.

We had a lovely visit, with a group of students showing off the garden and engaging in conversation. She was so impressed with the students' engagement and knowledge of the garden that she asked if the students would give a presentation to the School Board!

The assistant superintendent, Katherine Oviatt, then came to visit in late September to follow up. We had a great visit with her as well.

Dr. Perkins showed genuine interest in what we are doing here at Kidston, asking questions about everything from Hot Lunches to garden beginnings. Many students came out to be a part of the tour and discussion. They demonstrated how to make a recess-style salad wrap and talked comfortably about their garden involvement.

Dr. Perkins was happy to take home some chives, a borage seedling and the bouquet of flowers gathered.


“Made my day,” she said.


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