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Our Gardens

Our Mission


To create an outdoor learning legacy through inspiring healthy gardeners, mindful explorers and environmental stewards in an engaging way that instills wonder, encourages leadership and teaches conscious life-skills which in turn enrich our community.

Growing a legacy...


We believe that children learn in a variety of ways and environments.  Offering an outdoor space where students can explore with their senses and cultivate confidence through growing gardens has been a long dream at Kidston Elementary. 

In 2015, the dream of a school garden came to life when a passionate parent/grandparent team, a garden committee and an invested teacher came together and implemented 10 raised garden beds, bringing our Kidston school garden to life.  The Okanagan Science Center's Landed Learning program successfully supported one class, whose teacher in turn has developed her class curriculum around gardening and is now sharing the knowledge with their 'buddy' class.  As well a group of parent volunteers ran a weekly garden club with more than 25 very excited regular members.  The garden was a hit.


The 2016/17 year has brought significant interest and growth to our garden, with more than half of the classrooms wanting garden space to incorporate into their curriculum.  Based on that, the garden committee, PAC and a local eco design company specializing in school gardens joined hands to design an outdoor learning legacy.  


The exciting new design is based on student and teacher wish lists consisting of: sustainable permaculture, edible gardens (used for garden to plate program), experiential learning gardens (native plants/pollinators), an adventure forest (logs/tires/boulders for exploring/climbing) and a special requested feature; an outdoor covered classroom structure for students and teachers to gather and grow year round.   By implementing these 3 components of garden, outdoor classroom and adventure forest we feel the benefits will be wide spread to every child.  From promoting physical activity, encouraging healthy eating habits and connecting students to their outdoor environment to promoting exploration/ imagination, thinking creatively and gaining new perspectives.  There will be a true Discovery in every visit!

With help from the students and teachers, the perfect name for this outdoor learning legacy was found and it is an honour to present to you…

Kidston Discovery Gardens coming APRIL 28th 2018.

Grow, Learn, Play


Kidston Discovery Gardens is composed of three inspiring features:

Teaching Gardens
Outdoor Classroom
Adventure Forest

Thank you to Element Eco-Design for helping us design this outdoor learning legacy for our school, community and many generations to come.

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