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Volunteer Opportunities

What's Your Idea?


Do you have another way you'd like to volunteer to help our garden grow?

Let us know!

Growing a legacy...


The students, teachers and families at Kidston have combined their wish lists and together have come up with an outdoor learning legacy to be excited about, Kidston Discovery Gardens.  As we work to bring these new gardens to life there are several ways you can get involved!

Build-A-Garden Blitz Day  

For all those willing and wanting to get their hands dirty, this is the day!  This is construction day.  We are looking to rally as many families and friends of all ages to come and help us build our gardens.  Rome might not have been built in a day but with the community we have, these gardens will be!!  It is one full day of digging and planting and lifting and rolling and bringing life to our dream. 


APRIL 28th 2018


Garden Programs  

We hope to continue with the inspiring garden programs that have been established at our school.  As most know, to accomplish this it truly takes a community!  If you are passionate about this project or interested in learning and would like to share your time to support one (or all) of our garden programs please contact us.

Here is a list of our Kidston Garden Programs.  We hope they inspire you to want to get involved!

  • Kidston Garden Club

  • Okanagan Science Center Intergenerational Landed Learning Program 

  • Garden to Plate Program

  • Summer Watering Partnership

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