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"To create an outdoor learning legacy, inspiring healthy gardeners, mindful explorers and environmental stewards..."

Growing Together

How the Kidston Garden began, and our plans for the future...

We believe that children learn in a variety of ways and environments.  Offering an outdoor space where students can explore with their senses and cultivate confidence through growing gardens and discovery has been a long dream at Kidston Elementary. 

That dream came to life in 2016, with the implementation of 10 raised garden beds.  By that time, the request for more garden space had grown along with a vision to develop an area that would meet the combined wishes of Kidston students and teachers consisting of biodiverse and veggie gardens, an outdoor classroom and adventure outdoor learning legacy.  

We are so very excited to share our plans to meet this need and introduce KIDSTON DISCOVERY GARDENS.  Fundraising has begun and we are hopeful to see this come to life April 28th 2018!!  


Click  below on 'Our Gardens' to see the plans, 'Volunteer' for ways to get involved and 'Donate' to see our fundraising projects and ways to support our gardens!

Update:  Kidston Discovery Gardens Phase 1 is officially in place and thriving!!!  All the 16 beds are blooming thanks to the students, teachers and Garden to Plate program!  Phase 2 coming soon.

What's New:

So many ways to get involved!


We feel so excited about all the learning opportunities our school gardens offer students, teachers and our community.  Learn more about our programs and please spread the word to anyone who would like to join or would be interested in this information for their school.

 From all of our Kidston Elementary School family, we THANK YOU!!


Your generous donations of time and money will continue to support the work required to design and build this amazing outdoor learning legacy. We are extremely grateful for each and every supporter who has stepped forward - it is from your combined efforts that we will see Kidston Discovery Gardens come to life!

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