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Fall Harvest Is In Full Swing!

Time flies when you're having fun!!! We aren't too sure how the past month and a bit has passed but it sure has been filled with so much garden excitement!

As you may have heard we are VERY excited to start this new school year sharing that our Kidston Discovery Gardens is expected to break ground Spring 2018!!! Please see our Donation and Volunteer pages to find ways you can help us grow these gardens. We are so thrilled to share that the first garden bed name has been purchased by one generous Kidston family! We want to extend a HUGE thank you to all who have contributed in some way. Every bit is so helpful!

This announcement sure started a buzz in the school and it began with the students very eager to harvest the variety of potatoes that were planted in the spring. These included fingerling, red, purple and russet! I knew what was going to come next as they finished digging... when do we get to make fries?!?! And so it begins... FRY FRIDAY is back again this school year!!

We had our official first Fry Friday of the 2017/18 school year last week. We used some purple potatoes from the garden combined with some delicious Creighton Valley Yukon gold potatoes that we will be offering through our Creighton Valley fundraiser again this school year. A cool addition to potatoes fries came from Ethan, a grade 6 student who really wanted to make squash fries too and so 'Hash-Squash' was also made and enjoyed:)

Over the past month several students have helped with gathering kale and storing it for Tuesday smoothie days, delivering sunflower heads to classes for seeding which we later roasted and are ready to go back to the students to enjoy. We have even chopped and stored 20 pounds of peppers and 50 pounds of plums for our garden to plate hot lunch and smoothie programs!

The gardens have been good to us and we are so thankful. We can't wait to add even more this spring!! We are already feeling so excited and have so many plans for all our school garden programs!!

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