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Playing With Food

This past week at Kidston Garden Club the children got to play with their food! We rotated through groups of peelers and scrubbers and a favourite, taste testers. The apple peelers got busy trying out the very impressive all-in-one apple peeler-slicers. They enjoyed eating the spiral skins and helping place the apple slices onto the dehydrator trays. The club discussed the dehydration process and they are all anticipating next week's reward for their labour ... apple chips! A big huge thank you goes to a Kidston family; David, Kira & Sierra for sharing their orchard and many many delicious apples with our Kidston Garden Club. The scrubbing station was a big hit with everyone lining up to have a turn at washing and scrubbing the potatoes they harvested last week. They were even more thrilled when they learned that the potatoes would be used in Gramma D's Garden Harvest Soup sold during hot lunch this past week. All that arm grease and scrub love definitely helped as the soup got some fabulous reviews. Thanks Gramma D!!! And we can't forget the taste testers!! Each child had the opportunity to trial apple and kale (from our garden) chips which were generously made by our own Kidston Garden Lead Ms. Laura. The pizza flavoured kale chips were definitely the favoured! Thank you Ms. Laura!! It was wonderful to see the children share their love of helping in the kitchen. Hopefully they can lend a hand at home and please ask them to show you all they've learned. PLEASE NOTE: Kidston Garden Club will resume again on October 17, 2016 as a result of many students absent for field trips next week and thanksgiving holiday the following week. See you at LUNCHTIME on October 17th!!!

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