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Tomatoes, Potatoes and Kale Oh My...

On Monday we welcomed our biggest Kidston Garden Club meeting yet! We were so excited to see so many garden lovers return from last year and have them joined by lots of new and eager members ready to get their hands dirty. And that they did, as it was HARVEST TIME! The club divided into groups and quickly ran down to the garden where they dug potatoes, picked tomatoes and clipped kale. They were so excited to see what they planted in the spring had turned into a rainbow of food! It was amazing to see the joy and pride in the children. The children learned how to tell when a vegetable is ripe and ready to harvest and when it needs to be left to continue growing. They learned what vegetables require soft hands for picking and which need a firm grip. They also learned that the vegetables they picked will be used by Gramma D to make smoothies and yummy soup for hot lunch next week!! They were so thrilled that they were able to contribute and might have the opportunity to taste test the fruits (and veggies) of their labour. *instructions on purchasing the above will be sent out by the hot lunch committee. NEXT WEEK: The members will be playing with apples and kale and learning how to preserve fruit through the dehydration process! There might even be some samples to try!! Kidston Garden Club will occur every MONDAY during LUNCHTIME until the end of October, and will resume in the spring. See you next Monday!!

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