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Slimy n Glittery Year-End Kidston Garden Club Success

It is hard to believe that our first year of Kidston Garden Club has come to an end. We could not be more thrilled with the joy and curiosity each child brought to this club. The enthusiasm to get those little hands dirty and magnitude of well thought questions brought such a beautiful combination of learning through play. For our final meetings the children had the opportunity to see their slimy wormy friends busy at work, eating! Ms. Laura brought in some big suckers from her garden and together with the children they built a worm compost and discussed how important worms are for our gardens. I think touching the worms were a highlight for a few children. For the grand finale meeting the children created a glitter garden of sorts... (Sorry Mr. Ferguson we cleaned it our best, special thank you to Macy K. and Kianna for staying to help with clean up). The children each had a chance to decorate a pumpkin grown at our local St. Annes pumpkin patch. The decorating had a bit of a twist as the children swapped out knives for googly eyes and feathers, spiders and flowers, glue and glitter...lots and lots of glitter to create unique pumpkin-heads:) Everyone was definitely in the fall spirit that day. The garden has since been tidied up and put to bed for the winter season. A huge THANK YOU to Mrs. O'Brien's class from last year for your time and effort doing this cleanup. Another big HUGE thank you to all the Kidston Garden Club volunteers for your time and ideas and garden passion. Between the children's joy and the Club volunteer's passion, we can't wait to watch the Kidston Garden and its Club continue to grow!! See all you garden club members in the spring!

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